A Shimano 600 derailleur from 1980.

Bicycling Beginnings- The Derailleur

As bicycle designers settled on having a chain run to the rear wheel, this opened up the opportunity for the invention of a derailleur. The…

An example of bicycling garb versus the traditional clothing for women at the time.

Bicycling Beginnings- Women Begin to Ride

Where young men were the primary riders of the Penny-Farthing, after bikes became safer with the development of the Safety Bike, women took over. Lacking…

The change between the two designs was remarkable, and a push towards what we use today.

Bicycling Beginnings- The Safety Bicycle

It seems people of the late 1800s were less than thrilled with having their heads smashed into the ground on a regular basis. The Penny-Farthing,…

An example of a serpentine style frame and front wheel pedals.

Bicycling Beginnings- 1868-1870

You’re living in France between 1868 and 1870. I know you aren’t actually, but pretend with me for a moment. In this imagined scenario, you’re…


Review: Showers Pass Storm Jacket

Correction: an earlier version of this article identified the Storm jacket as the Classic, and misquoted it’s price as $289. Perhaps the ultimate commuter rain…

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