An example of bicycling garb versus the traditional clothing for women at the time.

Bicycling Beginnings- Women Begin to Ride

Where young men were the primary riders of the Penny-Farthing, after bikes became safer with the development of the Safety Bike, women took over. Lacking…

The change between the two designs was remarkable, and a push towards what we use today.

Bicycling Beginnings- The Safety Bicycle

It seems people of the late 1800s were less than thrilled with having their heads smashed into the ground on a regular basis. The Penny-Farthing,…

An example of a serpentine style frame and front wheel pedals.

Bicycling Beginnings- 1868-1870

You’re living in France between 1868 and 1870. I know you aren’t actually, but pretend with me for a moment. In this imagined scenario, you’re…


Review: Showers Pass Storm Jacket

Correction: an earlier version of this article identified the Storm jacket as the Classic, and misquoted it’s price as $289. Perhaps the ultimate commuter rain…

Replica made between 1965-72 based on the alleged 1493 Caprotti sketch.

Bicycling Beginnings- The Initial Design

Bikes haven’t been around for all that long when considering how long humans have occupied the Earth. In the grand scheme of things, most people spent…


Tucson Hop Shop: For Beer and Bikes

Two Wheels and Yummy Beers Give us the Feels Think about some of the truly great combinations in the world. The kinds of duos that…

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Google Maps Bicycling Directions

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