LA’s Transit Agency to distribute 1,100 Bikes to Share


From the LA Times – Laura Nelson. An $11-million plan backed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority will distribute 1,100 bicycles at 65 kiosks throughout downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding area with more bikes clustered near major transit hubs, like Union Station and 7th / Metro, where four rail lines intersect. The system is designed for short, point-to-point trips, rather than all-day rental: Users would pull a bicycle out of the adjacent racks, hop on, and drop the bike off at a kiosk near their destination.

Bike-share, which is available in most major U.S. cities and 25 countries in Europe, could translate well to car-choked Los Angeles, where officials are pushing to reduce driving. About 9% of Metro passengers are either dropped off or driven to a stop at the start of their commute.