3 Dots Design Creates Beautiful Bike Stores

Andy Davis and Holly Wiese are 'retail scientists' with 3 Dots Design.

Andy Davis and Holly Wiese are ‘retail scientists.’

The first thing you look at when you walk into a bike store is, well, probably, the bikes. But have you ever stepped back and taken a broader look at a bike store: how bikes are organized, where the variety of gear is displayed, the flow that customers follow through the store? It’s a science of sorts, and that’s where 3 Dots Design come in.

Holly Wiese and Andy Davis of 3 Dots Design are “retail scientists” who create great store spaces. One of their areas of expertise is bike shops. And is doesn’t hurt that they’re based in Boulder, Colo., home to many beautiful bike stores, several of which they have worked with including Boulder Cycle Sport.

“We use the term ‘retail scientist’ to describe what we do, which is to study the science of retail,” explains Holly. “We have spent countless hours visiting shops of all types to research and study different designs.” Holly estimates that between the two of them, they have visited 750 to 1,000 bike shops around the world.

During a store visit, Holly and Andy take time to research what works and doesn’t work in the store, what draws shoppers in, best practices of merchandising, traffic flow and everything else that creates a great retail experience. “As retail scientists, we understand these things and strive to constantly discover the next great idea at retail and to keep pushing the industry forward,” says Holly.

When asked their opinion what the top design components are to a great bike shop, Holly said there are many, but here are three top things they consider:

1. Having an effective floor plan that results in easy, comfortable traffic flow throughout your entire space.

2. Effective category signage so customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

3. Inspiring and up-to-date imagery throughout the store to bring products and experience to life.

As avid cyclists from a very young age, and with careers that have revolved around the cycling industry for several decades, both Holly and Andy have the experience and vision to help bike retailers create stores that are welcoming and fun to encourage people to buy gear and ride bikes.

“It’s hard to imagine life without bikes,” says Holly. We’re happy that she and Andy are there to help bike stores inspire people to buy bikes and get out riding.

Read more about 3 Dots Design on their website.