4 Great Bike Locks to Protect Your Ride


A rider locks his bike with the Abus Granit X-Plus Bordo 6500 lock.

Face it, having your bike stolen stinks. Close to 190,000 bikes are stolen in the U.S. every year, and that doesn’t include the incidents that go unreported. That’s why it’s important to always secure and lock your bike.

A good lock offers two types of protection: visual deterrence and a longer, louder effort to break it. That’s why you’ll hear people singing the praises for U-locks. They look tough and take longer to saw through. Cable locks are more affordable, but they can be clipped with a single effort—that is if a thief has the right tools.

So consider this: The more money you invest in a good, sturdy lock, the harder it will be for a would-be thief to steal your bike. And a new bike costs a heck of a lot more, too. No lock is completely foolproof, though. That said, the following four locks will help protect your bike from the bad guys.

Security of a U-Lock with the Flexibility of a Chain

Abus Granit X-Plus Bordo 6500 (ABOVE PHOTO). Made of hardened steel, this lock has a soft-touch coating to protect it from scratching your frame. It’s simple to carry too: the lock carrying case attaches to the frame via Velcro straps or screws easily into bottle-cage mounts. $149.99, abus.com/usa


blackburnCable Lock with Kevlar to Increase Cut Resistance

Blackburn Angola Combo Cable Lock. The Kevlar sheath around this cable lock’s hardy braided steel makes the Angola 50 percent harder to cut for would-be bike thieves. The four-digit resettable combination allows for 10,000 possible lock combos to up the security game. $29.99, blackburndesign.com


KryptoniteA U-Lock with Extra Reach

Kryptonite Messenger Mini+. Securing your bike in the city is changing with different styles and shapes of bike racks. To accommodate this, the Mini+ has an extender that allows for more variety in how and where you lock your bike. Lock your bike frame to a bike rack, and capture either your front or back wheel with the extender. $85.95, kryptonitelock.com




tigr lockA New Take on the Standard Bike Lock

TiGr 125 Bow Lock. This lock may not be right for your old refurbished commuter, but if you have a nicer ride to protect and appreciate good design, this sleek new lock may be worth the money. What we love: A father-son engineering team designed this solid, titanium lock to complement the beauty and simplicity of bikes. $159.99-$199.99, tigrlock.com