5 Reasons Not to Miss Cyclovia Tucson

Fall CycloviaMark your calendar for Sunday, April 19, because Cyclovia is back! Join tens of thousands of your friends and neighbors for an unforgettable ride, roll or stroll through historic Tucson neighborhoods and past local businesses, lush community gardens and distinctive public art—all along a five-mile-long CARFREE route. Enjoy plenty of food, music and fun activities along the way, too. And remember, you don’t need a bike to participate. Many people love to walk the whole (or part) of the route each year, taking their time to soak in the surroundings that are often easily missed when traveling by automobile.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to check out the spring Cyclovia Tucson on Sunday, April 19:

1. World-Famous Mexican Food. The route connects Downtown Tucson to the City of South Tucson, home to some of the best Mexican restaurants in the entire southwest. After working up an appetite playing in car-free streets all day, you’ll be ready to order a heaping platter of enchiladas or a massive chimichanga. Some of the best restaurants are located right along the route on South 4th Avenue, with a few treasures like El Torero and Pico de Gallo just off the route. Look for “Restaurant Row” on the official Cyclovia Tucson route maps (available at any information booth or water station).

2. It’s Just Like Riding a Bike. There’s no better place to bring a beginner cyclist concerned about safety and road conditions or who hasn’t been on a bike for some time. Cyclovia Tucson is the perfect place to get back on your bike and see if the old saying is true.

3. Everyone Loves a Scavenger Hunt. The “Cinco for Cyclovia” scavenger hunt is a fun way to discover and explore up to 25 unique, memorable activities provided by local Tucson businesses and organizations along the route. Complete your card to enter a raffle for great prizes from local bike shops, restaurants, boutiques and more. Look for “Cinco for Cyclovia” cards at any information booth or water station.

Cool bike_web4. Come As You Are. One of the best things about Cyclovia Tucson is that it is completely free. There’s no need to register ahead of time—it’s not competitive, nor is it a race. And you certainly don’t need any special equipment, clothing or gear to participate. You can literally stumble upon the Cyclovia Tucson route and go with the flow—many people have found out about Cyclovia just this way!

 5. Cyclovia Makes It Easy to Make Sunday, April 19, a Car-Free Day. There are a number of ways to arrive at the spring Cyclovia Tucson route without using your car. If you’re familiar with The Loop (see map on pages 22-23), the Cyclovia route is only five blocks from the Santa Cruz River path at Cushing Street, near the Mercado San Agustín. Cyclovia Tucson is also easy to access from the Sun Link Modern Streetcar or Sun Tran—you can bring your bikes on both.

For more event details, be sure to like Cyclovia Tucson’s Facebook page and visit CycloviaTucson.org for frequent updates. See you there!