Be Your Own Crossing Guard

vision zero streets

Keep Eyes and Ears Open!

Large, busy city streets can be intimidating to cross. Thanks to Vision Zero, many streets around the country are getting physical safety upgrades to make them more comfortable and safe for pedestrians. Here are some tips to help you cross the busiest streets:

driver field of vision

Drivers Field of Vision at 15mph

driver field of vision

Driver Field of Vision at 30mph

➤  Almost three-quarters of car collisions with people walking occur at intersections. Always make sure drivers see you before you start to cross.

➤  Cross at marked crosswalks when possible – you are more visible here. Look for flashing crosswalk beacons that alert drivers to people crossing. These are especially common near schools.

➤  Be careful of the “double threat” – when crossing more than one lane, never enter a lane before knowing the driver in that second lane has stopped.

➤  Don’t stare at your phone while crossing!

➤  Be aware of drivers’ vision variables: speed, rain, darkness and fog make it harder for them to see you. Improve your visibility by adding a reflective sticker to your jacket or bag.

➤ The faster a car is moving, the longer it takes to stop. Give yourself extra time when cars are traveling quickly.