Bike Buyer’s Dilemma: 4 Reasons to Compare Cheap to Not

Buying a bike allows for two choices: cheap or expensive. Every rider goes through this dilemma and eventually has to ask the question, “Do I want to own an expensive bike, or just get along with a cheap ride?”

bikelifecities.comThese two bikes are both fixies. One is five times more expensive, but again, both are fixed gear bicycles. They both do the same thing. They both pedal at the same rate. The both have simple frames, colorful assets and, yes, both even are known to be associated with hipsters.

1. Performance: Sure, a cheap bike gets you from A to B, but all in all, the more expensive bike gets you there with more comfort. Buying a cheap, mass machined bike gives you just that: something that doesn’t stand the test of time. The more expensive bike, however, comes with a range of better performance parts: better steel, better wheels, better rims, handle bars and gears.

2. Bragging Rights: No one wants to be like, “Oh, yeah, this bike cost me $100 and it’s going to last me, meh, six months.” Everyone wants to be like, “Oh, dang, check out this sweet new whip I just got. Broke my wallet a little, but it’s all there, baby.” With a higher end bicycle, you get a feeling that something cheap doesn’t give you.

3. Durability: When it comes down to the simple fact of factory made parts, over made-with-love parts, heck, stick with the made-with-love angle. The steel, the pedals, the framework welds, the bars, sprockets and all the jazz are just better. They will last longer and are more readily available to replace. Replacing parts that could be expensive on a cheap bike just won’t make anyone feel good.

4. Looks: Now, this is where the rubber meets the road for both bikes. The two are almost identical in look, style, fluorescent coloring to add some wow-factor and frame style. The biggest difference: one has rims that show the color with high quality rubber, the other has cheap dyed rubber wheels. In the end, it’s about quality of the small things, because that is what always breaks.