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Sometimes it’s hard to find your tribe. And as a bicyclist it can be even trickier because for many people bike riding can be a solitary activity. But, for many others bike riding feels better shared with friends, family, and random strangers.

Bike Life Cities is not only social offline we are social online as well. Follow us on twitter (@BikeLifeCities), Pinterest (www.pinterest/BikeLifeCities), and we’re also on Facebook (

Join us as we share current articles from our different city partner magazines, national bike-related news, and city specific information for biking enthusiasts. We talk bike gear, fun events and share random bike trivia. Bike Life Cities’ mission is to encourage and grow the love of cycling, cycling safely, and share bike advocacy news on a national level.

We also share fun and engaging posts from businesses connected to biking, organizations with similar mission statements, and from bloggers as well. We want you to be a part of our tribe. To share your enthusiasm about biking, biking in your town, and information about bike related advocacy on a local level.

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