Bikes, Beers and Coffee at the Denver Bicycle Cafe

Denver Bicycle Cafe serves up a unique experience where you can sip a local beer or hot cup of joe and watch your bike get fixed.

It’s a bike shop, tap house and coffee house all in one. So you can sip on a tasty beer or steaming cup of coffee and chat up the mechanic while he fixes your bike.

“We purposely designed our space with all parallel components—bikes, beers, coffee—so that you get an interactive experience,” says Denver Bicycle Cafe co-founder and co-owner Peter Roper.

Along with offering repairs and tune-ups, the bike shop builds custom bikes. “All of our bikes are made to order, so the whole process is very interactive with the customer,” shares Peter, adding that his staff “resurrects” older bikes with upgrades, too.

From the bar, only Colorado tap and canned beers are served—with exceptions when a special brew comes out—and the coffee is all Colorado roasted. “Our emphasis is on keeping it local,” says Peter.

Denver Bicycle Cafe is also a hub for events and fundraisers for numerous local groups and charities, including BikeDenver and the Bike Depot. “We really try to stay involved with the community, it’s a fundamental part of who we are,” says Peter.

Denver Bicycle Cafe is located at 1308 E. 17th Avenue in Denver, Colorado. Learn more about it at