Boulder Bike Share 101: B-Cycle & How It Works

Getting around Boulder is pretty easy. There are a lot of bike paths,
protected lanes, and in all, the city really becomes accessible to anyone on two wheels through a number of bike-friendly assets. But what if you don’t have a bike? Or what if you need to get from one side of town, to another?

BCycle hosts a map app, too! Download it here:

BCycle hosts a map app, too! Download it here:

B-cycle, Boulder’s bike share program, solves those problems. No bike? Rent one. Need a bike to ride across town, cruise down Pearl Street? Rent one. There are 38 stations and over 250 bikes to choose from. The program has been picked up by cities big and small, nationally, and Boulder is a leader.

All you have to do is purchase an “entry pass,” which gives you access to unlimited 30 minute rides, but after that allotted time is where some minor charges get applied. The charges are truly meant so that riders get the bike back to stations, so don’t be so up-and-gruff about it!

Entry Pass Fee: 365 days, $70; 150 days $45; 7 days, $20; 1 day, $8

CU Students: Take this survey, and get a free pass from the CU Environmental Center.

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