Ciclovia Recap

Boulder Green Streets held their 5th Annual Ciclovia this past Sunday. One Ciclovi-er shared highlights of all of the cool things she saw:

“One of the coolest things on 13th Street was seeing bikers, skaters and pedestrians filling the broad lanes normally occupied by cars. The police did a great job making sure the streets stayed free of cars, and it seemed like they were really into it. Every cop I encountered was smiling.”

25190_387234279847_6508214_nAt the northern station, slack line! “I’d never tried it before, and the Green Streets people were right there to empathize and cheer us on. There was one girl of about 10 who had it knocked.”

At the middle station (behind KT’s Barbecue), the Green Streets people were handing out good biking maps.

“The Yoga Pod guys didn’t shut down when their scheduled classes were over, they left a dozen yoga mats spread out and offered customized help on poses to whoever came by.”

“On 16th Street it was great seeing a group of about a dozen middle schoolers taking advantage of the skateboard obstacle course.

On Pearl Street there was much to see! Some of the highlights were; powering both the smoothie makers’ blenders and the rock band’s sound system by taking turns with people of all ages on stationary bikes, watching kids make the circuit of a bike obstacle course, taking part in the half-block of hula hoopers, watching the salsa band parade and the enormous wading pool full of kids in kayaks, and of course, tons of free, made-in-Boulder food, laundry soap, sunblock and more.

Check out Boulder Green Streets’ website and Facebook page soon for fun photos!