Could Biking Be The Best Thing For Your Love Life?

A few years ago, a study was done in the UK on people who ride their bikes to and from work. The Cycle to Work Day campaign polled 2500 bike commuters to compare overall mindset between those who ride, and those who drive to work. What did they find? People who ride their bikes to work, leave work happier.

Let your love life ride into the sunset.

Let your love life ride into the sunset.

That was the aim: what was the difference of attitude when leaving work. 89 percent of the participants that commuted home on a bicycle, said the ride home was a great way to switch from work-mode, to home-mode. They made the ride an ability to unwind. Not to mention, 66 percent of them said their relationships had improved and not just in the kitchen either, but the bedroom, too.

There is no question to the connection that exercise is a top way to destress, to feel better, in general, and give yourself some stamina in the bedroom. Love, one of our biggest concerns, is solved through a number of different ways, but why not connect the things you love to do in your free time, with the things you love in your relationship. Bike your way into your partner’s heart!

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