Date Night – via Bicycle!

Tips for planning a fun night out on two wheels

Stuck in the same dating routines? Spice things up and ask your special someone out for a date… a bike date! Tucson is the perfect place to go for an urban bike date.

Dates don’t have to be all about fancy clothes and fancy restaurants—although they can be! Read on for some bike date tips and get ready for a fun night out on the town via two wheels.


Carl Case and Karen Lutrick of Tucson love to hop on their tandem for bike-friendly dates.

What Should I Wear?

Okay, so this probably applies mostly to women. You’ll be surprised at how many outfits are easy to bike in. Guys can wear pretty much whatever they want. For gals, skirts, high heel shoes or dress pants work out great. Did you know it’s often easier to ride your bike in heels than to walk in them? Don’t worry about helmet hair, because your date is rockin’ it too.

What to Bring?

Be sure and carry bike lights if it’s an evening date. A bottle of water is key, too, in case you get thirsty. And yes, you can still surprise your date with flowers and/or chocolate!

Where to Go? 

Here are some places we like:

 Movie. On a hot summer night, it’s great to jump on bikes, sit in an air-conditioned movie theater and stop for ice cream on the way home.

 Wildcats sporting event. Arriving by bike makes it even better because you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, paying for parking or waiting in traffic after the game—which means you can beat the crowds and be the first to celebrate the Wildcats win!

 Picnic. There’s nothing more romantic than biking to your favorite park and enjoying a picnic lunch or dinner. If you don’t want to make the meal yourself, stop by a restaurant or café to pick up sandwiches or some dishes to go.

 Concert. You don’t have to be a hipster to bike to a concert with your date.