Don’t Be A Statistic: Equip Your Bike With the Right Lights

Statistically, 40%-60% of bicycle to vehicle collision injuries and fatalities are at night. This is odd, particularly because there are significantly fewer bikers on the streets at that time. What it comes down to is being seen. How do you become more noticeable at night so that you aren’t contributing to the statistic above?

Proper lighting, placed in the right places on your bike frame, will give you the upper hand on not being a statistic. Where are these places? Well, it’s not just a little red flasher on the back of the seat, or a single lamp projecting a light in front of you… it takes more than one.

Lets review all of the places a light can be fixed, both on you and your bike:

1. Handle bars

2. Head lamp on your helmet

3. Rear light on your seat

4. Rear light on your helmet

5. A reflective vest, tape, or material

6. Unlit reflectors on both wheels

7. Get a little modern and grab LED lights that glows as you ride

Any combination, or all of these light points, will make you more seen. Having a single light does not count for 360-degree visibility. A light projecting to the front of you does not mean a car to the side of you can see it.

Grab a light, attach a reflector, and be a better, safer biker.

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