The Etiquette of Bikes on Public Transportation

More often than not I find myself riding my bike around town for most of the day. In fact, after walking riding my bike is my preferred mode of transportation. Every once and awhile though I find that I’ve ridden too far or it’s too hot and I can’t imagine riding back home I’ll take public transportation back home.

There is an etiquette to taking public transit with your bike.  I thought it would be helpful to share some tips that I’ve learned through observing other’s mistakes and other rider’s successful respectful ridership of the public transit system. My goal is to make sure that we don’t lose the right to bring bikes onto public transit.

Tip #1

Understand that your bike is your responsibility. You’re assuming liability for your bike so make sure you follow the posted rules that will protect your property and you.

Tip #2

If you’re putting your bike on the front bus rack make sure it’s placed on the rack correctly. There are instructions on the bus rack and you can always ask the bus driver as well.

Tip #3

Communicate, communicate, communicate! If you’re getting off of the bus tell the bus driver. This is for your safety. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen cyclists almost hit by the bus because they don’t communicate with the bus driver. If you don’t tell the driver that you’re about to take your bike off the bike rack you could potentially get hit by the bus. Please don’t endanger yourself. Talk to your driver.

Tip #4

If you’re using the light rail, allow other passengers on before you so that you don’t block their path. Make sure to place your bike in the area indicated on the light rail. Typically you’ll see a decal on the ground where you will board the train.

Tip #5

Pay your fare. It may be tempting to jump on a light rail and jump off without paying. Please resist this temptation and pay your fare.

Incorporating public transportation thoughtfully will help you explore your city more and save gas money. As long as you observe the etiquette of bikes on public transportation you will have a safe and fun time riding your bike around town.