Find Your Bike Tribe-Go To A Meetup

Sometimes it’s hard to find a person to do activities with-whether it’s running, walking, or riding a bike it’s always nice to do it with a friend. But,if you are: new to a town, have friends who are too busy to ride, or just feel like meeting new people then going to a Meetup is an option you should explore.

What exactly is Meetup? is an online community that was created in NYC in the wake of the aftermath of 9-11. The goal was to get people to meet one another and to foster community and closer ties between people. Meetup is interesting in that there are so many opportunities to meet people with similar (or dissimilar) interests.

It is pretty easy to use. You just go to and type in all of the different interests that you may have. A calendar will pop up and you can either look at the actual group whose activity you would like to participate in (biking!) or, you can look at a comprehensive calendar showing multiple event options that you can participate in. You will meet a lot of interesting people, some you will get along with and others that you would be o.k. with not seeing again. It is a wonderful tool to find like minded people from all over the world.

I’ve participated in Meetups all over the world including AUSTRALIA! If you’re having difficulty finding a bike tribe I would encourage you to take some time to look through Meetup and check out at least 3 different events because the groups will change each time. Go To A Meetup and good luck finding your bike tribe!