A Fiver for a Foot of Singletrack

Fiver for a foot, boulder mountainbike allianceLocal mountain bike group Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is always doing great work to build and improve trails for biking around Boulder County. And they’ve put together a great campaign to keep that going: Fiver for a Foot.

For every $5 donation you make, BMA will build 1 Foot of trail. And for every foot of trail you fund, you will be entered to win an entry to one of four AMAZING mountain bike adventures: Trans NZ Enduro — in New Zealand(!!!!), Big Mountain Enduro, Breck Epic and the Breck 100 (recently added!). The more fivers you donate, the more chances you have to win! AND you get to feel good about supporting a great group: all proceeds benefit BMA, a 501c3 charitable organization.

Morgan Lommele, vice president of the BMA board of directors, shares that they got the campaign idea from a similar promotion by a bike advocacy group in California. And the prizes? “One of our board members, Botsy Phillips, is friends with the promoter of the Trans New Zealand Enduro, who offered to donate an entry to the event to BMA as a fund raiser,” she says. “We then reached out to the promoters of the Big Mountain Enduro, Breck Epic and the Breck 100 (we recently added the fourth) for donations of entries into their races. We are hoping to raise money primarily toward new trail building at West Magnolia for 2015 and 2016.”

Over the past two years, BMA and its amazing stable of volunteers have built about 10 miles of new trail, with a number of opportunities such as West Mag on the horizon. “In 2013 and 2014, BMA volunteers donated over 4,500 hours of time to trail maintenance, new trail building and general trail improvements, which is the equivalent of about a $90,000 donation to those agencies,” shares Lommele.

There is NO limit to how many feet of trail you fund through Fiver for a Foot and ALL proceeds will benefit BMA. So what are you waiting for? Sign up by 11:59 p.m. on January 6. Drawing to be held on January 7. The first name drawn gets first pick of the three entries. Help support a great organization and get more trails around Boulder!