Genesee Link Ride Offers Seamless Ride

CDOT_TrailNow ride from Denver to Glenwood Springs

By spring 2016, people on bikes will have a safe, efficient, scenic and seamless route that will take them from Denver to Glenwood Springs. The City and County of Denver and the Colorado Department of Transportation are partnering to build the final missing link of this route. This 10-foot wide multi-use path will be on the north side of the high- way, between Mt. Vernon Drive and Evergreen Parkway. Cyclists will bypass two miles of I-70 and will no longer need to ride on the highway shoulder.


Traversing between Genesee Park and CDOT right-of-way, the path will meander through old growth Ponderosa Pine forest and grassland pasture. Sections of old State Highway 40 are incorporated into the design and a pedestrian bridge will be constructed over the bison herd culvert-crossing. The bison fence will be relocated in several locations to give trail users an upclose view of the historic bison herd. Other scenic features along the pathway will include a new viewing overlook off of Stapleton Drive and the historic Chief Hosa Shelter.


For mountain bikers, the city has added five miles of natural surface multi- use trails in Genesee Park. Park and Recreation planners followed existing contours to create a trail with moderate and sustainable grades around Genesee Mountain. This is a family-friendly trail that can be enjoyed by cyclists of all abilities. Side trips to the Chief Hosa Lodge and the Patrick House provide a glimpse into early Denver Mountain Park history.