Heads Up on Some Cool Helmets

moonsofsaturnrightHAND-PAINTED HELMETS

Visual artist Danielle Baskin was tired of seeing all of the “dull” bicycle helmets around New York City, so she decided to do something about it. Inkwell Helmets was born. All of the helmets are CPSC certified and hand painted in fun, funky, beautiful designs by Danielle. “We hope to change the way people interact with and think about utilitarian objects and to get cyclists to ride more safely,” says Danielle. “And safety doesn’t have to compromise style.” Prices start at $85, inkwellhelmets.com



hovding1_0057_03_V2_high hovding1_0129_V3_high AIRBAG FOR YOUR HEAD

Don’t like to wear a helmet? Self conscious about “helmet head” hair? Then check out the Hövding helmet. Designed by two industrial design students at the University of Lund in Sweden as part of a master’s thesis, Hövding is essentially an airbag for your head. It’s designed as a fashionable-looking collar that secretly stores an airbag with sensors. If the sensors recognize abnormal movement when you’re biking, the airbag quickly inflates to absorb the impact shock and protect your head, face and throat. Aside from being a stylish option, several tests show that the Hövding is three times more protective than some of the top helmets on the market. It isn’t cheap — $340 — and once it inflates, it can’t be used again. Check out the “helmet” video at hovding.com