Help Add New Trails To Heil Valley Ranch in Boulder

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) needs your help! They need another 200 comments online in order to meet the minimum they need to move forward with the Heil 2 plan.

The BMA fully supports the following recommendations for the Heil 2 Plan:

-Create a loop system of multi-use trails on the west side of Geer Canyon Dr.

-Provide for directional travel on a multi-use trail east of Geer Canyon Dr.

-Continue west side trail to Wapiti singletrack

-Provide a beginner to intermediate trail in the west side loop system

BMA has reviewed the plan and find several areas of concern–mainly lack of loop systems and shared trail experiences. This is a real opportunity to add multi use loop trails to eliminate user conflict and change the perception of crowded trails. Loops, multi-use, regional connector trails will greatly enhance riding in Boulder County–vote now or be prepared to always drive to trails you want to ride.

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You can also contribute by showing up to the Parks Open Space Advisory Committee (POSAC) meeting. POSAC will review the Heil 2 proposal and advise the Boulder County Commissioners and staff on changes to the plan. We have an opportunity voice our recommendation, change the proposed plan and create an opportunity for BCPOS to provide great trail user experiences, minimize user conflict and protect open space for the public good.

See the meeting agenda here

Date: This Thursday – February 25 at 6:30 p.m.

Location: Boulder County Courthouse (Commissioners’ Hearing Room)

1325 Pearl Street, Boulder

Get out there and support more multi-use bike trails in the Boulder area!