Hitch a Ride With Your Ride

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Bikes and Mass Transit Make a Great Team.

Biking to work is a lot of fun and great exercise. If you live far away from the office, though, the ride’s distance may be daunting. Fortunately, there is a great solution — pair your ride with mass transit to make a shorter, easier trip.

Don’t worry about traffic or parking. And if you normally transfer between the bus and train (or other modes), bringing along your bike means you need not worry about missing a transfer, either. You can leave your bike at one of the many secure bicycle facilities or take it with you on the bus, Link or Sounder train. Having your bike along is great for those midday errands, too.

Traveling by water? Riding to the water taxi or ferry is a great way to start the morning. People and bicycles are always free on ferry trips into Seattle and there is no additional charge for bicycles on the water taxi. Plus, bringing a bike on a ferry leaving Seattle only costs $1.00. Now that’s a steal!

Loading Your Bike On The Bus in 3 Steps

Step 1 

Make eye contact with bus driver, then step in front of bus, pull handle up, pull rack down.

BUS Step 3 800px

Step 2

Lift bicycle into rack space farthest from the bus.BUS Step 2 800px

Step 3

Place latch over tire next to frame fork and check that bike is secure. Then hop on board!

BUS Step 1 800px