I Bike Boulder: Meet Oscar Saucedo-Andrade

I Bike Boulder

Today’s I Bike Boulder features Oscar Saucedo-Andrade, the City of Boulder GO Boulder Team Intern.

What’s your work commute?
It’s truly multimodal: it begins by biking half a mile from my house in
Northeast Denver to the new commuter rail (A-Line) station. I ride the
train to Union Station, then transfer to the underground bus concourse
to get onto the Flatiron Flyer FF2 that takes me to the Downtown
Boulder Station. Then I walk four blocks to arrive at my office.

What’s the best part?
I like that you get to see the city through many perspectives, depending
upon which mode you are traveling. And I like that I get great
exercise in the morning and afternoon, and have the luxury of taking a
nap on the bus.

Any advice for “newbie” commuters?
Give yourself time to walk, bike, bus or light rail to your destination.
Traveling without a car forces you to do new things and explore the
city in ways that you never thought about before. It makes things so
much more about the journey than the destination.

Do you have a favorite recreational ride?
Fourmile Canyon!