I Bike Boulder: Michael Benko


Introducing the “I Bike Boulder” segment, profiling local cyclists and the faces you see on the paths and trails around Boulder. Today’s guest is Michael Benko a bike messenger for Denver Boulder Couriers, and a Boulder Food Rescue Volunteer.

What do you like best about biking?

I love how empowering biking can be in our car-centric culture. Biking is accessible while owning and maintaining a car is expensive. Working as a bike messenger with Denver Boulder Couriers is great because the work takes you all over town; you have to pedal hard and navigate traffic, and you love getting your delivery on time. Couple that with crazy Front Range weather, and a great group of fellow messengers, and it’s a dream job for me.

Where are your favorite places to ride around Boulder County?

Riding downtown from Lee Hill Drive or down the Canyon from Nederland are a few of my favorites around Boulder County. I also work at a bar, and when I get off late at night there is no one on the paths or on the roads. Riding my bike at this hour is rambunctious fun.

What is the most gratifying thing about volunteering on your bike?

Getting a chance to make a small difference doing something I love is so gratifying. Seeing the amazed faces of the kids or elderly or low-income folks around Boulder when I show up in mid-February during a snowstorm on a BFR bike+trailer is very rewarding. I get to meet awesome people at awesome organizations doing inspiring work while addressing serious issues.