I Bike Mesa

Meet four locals who like to travel on two wheels.

Garrett Topham_webGarrett Topham, 35, Geographer, City of Mesa
Where do you like to ride? Mesa canals, North Phoenix parks, Sedona and Flagstaff.

How often do you ride? 4 to 5 days a week…when it’s under 100 degrees.

How many miles do you typically ride a year? Prior to last year, I probably rode less than 1,000 miles annually. But in 2014, I rode 3,000 miles.

Why do you ride? For fitness and adventure.

What do you like most about bicycling? It’s unique in that it gets you healthy while getting you somewhere at the same time.


SMF15-G-277171-photos for new magazine "BikeLife Mesa"Eddie Chavez, 54, Manufacturing Engineer, Boeing Company*

What is your daily bike commute? From Gilbert to Boeing Company in Mesa.

How often do you bike to work? Three days a week since 1994.

How many miles is your commute? I ride 12 miles from home to work in the morning, and I do an extra 20-30 miles of riding around Mesa after work before going home.

Where do you like to ride? I ride a single-speed bike and appreciate the wide city bike lanes and safe streets in Mesa. I enjoy riding along the Salt River, which provides a diversity of climbing and coasting up and down hills.

* Boeing Mesa currently has 131 bike commuters registered in its Trip Reduction Program.


Laura_webLaura Hyneman, 50ish, Deputy Director, Development and Sustainability Department, City of Mesa

Where do you like to ride? All over the valley, primarily on the road, occasionally on mountain biking trails.

How often do you ride? About three times a week, and at least one cycling vacation a year.

Why do you ride? For recreation, fun and keeping fit. I tried commuting for a while, but there are no showers available near my office.

What do you like most about bicycling? I love the people I meet while cycling, the places and scenery I’ve seen while biking and the restaurants I’ve been to—because I have discovered many cyclists love the camaraderie of eating together after a good ride. It’s also a fun way to stay in shape.


Bob Lewis_webBob Lewis, 69, Retired Tool and Die Maker

Where do you like to ride?

I ride just about everywhere in the valley. My favorites are Mesa, Fountain Hills, and Central and South Phoenix. I have ridden the Answer to the Challenge, a three-day, 325-mile bike ride from Scottsdale to Strawberry, then to Prescott and back to Scottsdale multiple times.

How many miles do you ride each year?

I typically ride 50-60 miles six days a week. In 2010, I rode 24,292 miles, an all-time high. Nowadays, it is more like 16,000 a year.

What do you like best about bicycling?

I ride because I love the freedom it gives me.

Maintaining my weight and health are also some of the main reasons I ride, too. And I

have made many friends while riding over the years. My wife and I did a self-contained cross-country tour 20 years ago. Best vacation we ever took!