I Bike Tucson

Our Occasional Profile of Faces Found Around Tucson


8th grader at Doolen Middle School

Why do you ride to school?
I ride my bike to school because it’s easier and faster than walking. I am close enough to school that if I took the bus I would get there later than if I bike. I get to see a friend who lives near me and we bike to school together. Plus it’s fun to bike!

Where do you ride?
I ride on streets that are not main roads, where there are fewer cars, because it’s safer.

What advice do you have for other students who want to try biking?
Plan a route that uses back roads rather than busy streets. Always wear a helmet. Bring lights for when it is dark and get a repair kit for fixing a flat.


Maker at Bluejay Leatherworks and Pizza Slinger at Brooklyn Pizza

Why do you ride?
I ride because I don’t like cars very much. Sometimes I ride to clear my head, or just to enjoy the day. Riding seems to give me a sense of clarity. You meet great people, accomplish things you thought you never could, and burri- tos are cheaper fuel than gas.

Where do you like to go riding?
I enjoy the River/Santa Cruz paths for a quick car-free getaway, and Fantasy Island to get rad.

What advice do you have for others who want to try biking?
Find a friend or group rides! They’re fun, and you’ll always have a friend in fellow cyclists. Carry water and don’t forget to smile. Local shops are great at answering any questions.

Katie Strawn and Lucy

Doctorate of Nursing Student at the University of Arizona & Dog

Where in Tucson do you like to go riding?
Lucy and I love to ride around our neighborhood. We join friends for happy hour, and no weekend is complete without a quick ride to the dog park.

What does Lucy ride in?
Lucy’s favorite ride is the Tagalong Wicker bicycle basket. It has a seat belt that keeps her from jumping out, and a sunshade to keep that desert sun off. My husband gave it to me after I completed my doctoral project proposal, and my bike riding has increased exponentially since I’ve been able to bring Lucy along.

What advice do you have for others whowant to try biking?
Get good lights for your bike. If you ever get caught out after sunset then a bright light is important to help you navigate those bumpy Tucson roads!