I Bike Tucson

Meet local folks who enjoy traveling on two wheels

The Romeros
42, Dina, Non-Profit Executive Director; 45, Fernando, Musician; 8, Maxi, Aspiring Herpetologist; 6, Marco, Aspiring Dancer

Why do you ride with your kids? We’re originally from New York City, so we’re used to a real pedestrian lifestyle. And it just wasn’t like that in Tucson. It felt like biking was a way to have a little bit more of that, to be able to access some things. And it’s just really fun. I think it’s empowering for the kids, too, to be able to just get on the bikes as a family and go down to 4th Avenue and go shopping, or go eat or go downtown, or come to an event like Cyclovia.

Kieran Sidkar, 31
Program Manager for Watershed Management Group

What do you like about biking? I like biking for transportation because it’s a lot of fun. You get to enjoy some fresh air, get your exercise and relax. I ride on my way to work, on my way to meetings and to get groceries. I always find myself feeling much better off afterwards, much better prepared for meetings, and I’m always in a really positive mindset.

Anne Padias, 65
Lecturer in Chemistry at University of Arizona

Why do you ride?  It’s extremely pleasant to ride a bike in Tucson weather. It’s also a very nice alternative to taking my car to work. In fact, it’s quicker to bike and I don’t have to hassle with the garage. I also like the exercise, and biking gives you a certain feeling of freedom.

Collin Forbes, 43
Computer Programmer

How did you get into riding? This month marks the 10th anniversary of using my bike as a main way to get around. Prior to that, I drove everywhere. Ten years ago I decided I wanted to do something different. I was going back and forth to work and wasn’t getting any exercise. So I bought a bike, and after three days I was hooked!

German Quiroga, 62
Retired Postal Carrier

Why do you prefer to ride a bike instead of drive? I ride as often as I can,at least once a day. Bicycling makes me feelbetter health-wise and it saves me money.I enjoy riding more than being trapped in acar. I feel free. You can see more from a bikethan you can while driving, such as flowersin bloom, new trees and so much more.