Isoride Is Working to Make Energy Food for Bicycling Simple

Isoride founder Sebastien Hebbelinck.

For 24 years, Sebastien Hebbelinck has worked in the food supplement industry on products for weight loss and for active types, and vitamins. A weekend warrior bicyclist, Sebastien was in search of energy bars and other foods that were geared for him versus a higher-level athlete. But he wasn’t finding anything he liked. So he decided to make some things himself.

With the help of his research and development team, Sebastien came up with products that he liked to consume while riding his bike. And when he started sharing them with friends and family, and they started to share the products with others, the question was always, “Where can I buy it?” Thus Isoride was born.

Today, Isoride offers an array of energy products for everyone from top-level cyclists and other athletes all the way down to weekend warriors.

“As we’ve developed our products, we’ve listened to a lot of pro riders because they use energy foods and supplements so often,” explains Sebastien. “It’s all about what does a person on a bicycle need and what can we improve to make it better.” Isoride’s products include drink tablets, dextrose energy tablets, an energy bar and, the latest, an easy-to-use and environmentally friendly gel.

Isoride’s newest product is the Gel-Snap, which you can easily open while riding a bike… and not leave any trash behind.

“I’ve used a lot of gels, and a lot of them are good, but one big problem is that I don’t like to litter,” says Sebastien, referring to when you tug off the top of a gel pack with your teeth, that little piece often ends up on the side of the road. So he created the Gel-Snap. “You fold it with one hand, squirt the gel in your mouth, and put the empty packaging back in your pocket,” he explains.

Isoride is all about making life easier for people who ride bikes and do other activities. “We particularly want to educate weekend warriors about good nutrition,” says Sebastien, “so our new website is filled with helpful information because even weekend warriors like me want to ride further!”

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