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Bus To Work Day
The City of Boulder will hold the first ever Bus to Work Day on October 5, 2016. During this inaugural event, the city of Boulder, community transportation partners, stakeholders, and the business community will celebrate riding transit, and the many ways people can commute to Boulder on the bus. Similar to Bike to Work Day, commuters will be rewarded with promotions, entertainment, and refreshments at several different places around town. The goal of this new event will be to promote transit, increase rider- ship, engage the community, and celebrate how transit is a convenient and fun travel option.

Friends of US 36 Bikeway

Earlier this year, the US 36 Bikeway opened and created a direct path for cyclists from Boulder to Westminster, with options to connect all the way to Denver. To coincide with the opening of this new addition to the corridor, 36 Commuting Solutions launched a program to promote and inspire a cycling culture along US 36.

Friends of the US 36 Bikeway brings together cyclists, businesses and local governments to promote cycling as a viable travel option, advance cycling education and advocate for continued improvements to the US 36 Bikeway. The group focuses on creating safe and easy ways to travel by bike in the corridor and is hosting a series of fall rides to introduce new and seasoned cyclists to the US 36 Bikeway, both as a dedicated ride and as a path that connects to destinations throughout the corridor.

Becoming a Friend is an easy (and fun!) way to share your passion for cycling and to give back to the local community. 36 Bikeway Friends will help to champion US 36 cycling today, and inform future US 36 cycling efforts and highlight where infrastructure improvements can, and should, be made.