Kickstarting Bike Gear


TiGr Lock has launched its second Kickstarter campaign for a new lock.

Back in the prehistoric pre-Internet days, how did entrepreneurs and inventors raise money for new ideas and inventions? Lots of phone calls, meetings and knocking on doors. Then came Kickstarter.

Dubbed the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, Kickstarter’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life. And it’s an amazing place for architects of new/cool/innovative bike gear to raise money to launch their products.

TiGr Lock is an example of how a successful Kickstarter campaign helped launch a bike-related product. The founders, Bob and John Loughlin, a father and son engineering team, had an idea for a titanium bike lock. But when they shopped it around to different lock manufacturers, the idea was too “different.” So they launched a Kickstarter campaign and, voila, their product was launched.

Along with raising enough money to launch their original TiGr lock, the Loughlins shared that the Kickstarter campaign was a great way to validate their concept. And their second Kickstarter campaign for a smaller version of their lock has already garnered enough money to launch (when this story was written, there were 25 days to go and the campaign had already exceeded its goal by $5,000 plus!).

Head to and enter in “biking,” then peruse through the range of current campaigns, ideas like beverage carriers for bikes, new takes on bike lights, bike pedals, electric bikes, kid seats on bikes … and more. There’s something new almost every day. Maybe you’ll be inspired to put your thinking cap on for that “next big bike idea.”