Meet Bike Anchorage

bikelifecities.comEstablished in the spring of 2008 as Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage, Bike Anchorage has been working hard to help make biking a fun, viable and safe form of transportation for people of all ages around Anchorage. And there have been many successes.

“We’re proud of our many accomplishments to make Anchorage a vibrant, livable and healthy city where it’s safe and practical to go by bike,” shares board member Brian Litmans. Accomplishments include:

• Helped AMATS gain unanimous Assembly approval of the Anchorage Bicycle Plan, which was adopted in 2010.

• Helped rewrite municipal code, which included improvements to bicycle laws, including establishing a 3-foot passing provision.

• Led a successful grassroots advocacy effort to increase the 2013–2014 bicycle transportation federal funding from $1 million to $2.3 million.

• Co-hosted and was the principal organizer in the first statewide bike summit in 8 years.

• Established a sustainable Bike Fridays program where businesses, organizations and government agencies sponsor and host bicycle energy stations on Bike to Work Day and on the last Friday of every month through the summer.

There is much more work to be done! Want to help? Support Bike Anchorage
by becoming a member or come out and volunteer at one of Bike Anchorage’s many events or fun rides. Visit for details.

bikelifecities.comCommunity Rides All Summer Long!
Join Bike Anchorage every other Wednesday through September 9 for FREE Community Rides led by volunteers. Each ride has a theme such as parks, bike shops, architecture, gardens, artisan food… and raspberries! The rides follow low-traffic, shortcut routes around the city to help people feel more comfortable and confident pedaling, with stops along the way for discussion and re-grouping. Check out the schedule at