Meet a Dentist Who Likes to Bike

Dr. Jeff Patrician of Boulder Dental Arts

Dr. Jeff Patrician of Boulder Dental Arts

BikeLife Cities recently sat down with Dr. Jeffrey Patrician, an avid cyclist/triathlete who, along with his staff, runs a successful dental practice in Boulder called Boulder Dental Arts. We wanted to get to not only get to know the man, the dentist and the athlete, but also to discuss his business, his love of cycling—he bikes to work as often as possible—and how the two have become intertwined.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Connecticut/New England area, but later moved to Washington, D. C. where I practiced dentistry for 10 years.

When did you move to Boulder?

Two years ago.

Why Boulder?

(Points west toward the mountains) That’s why.

How does working in Boulder differ from working in D. C.?

My clients here have the coolest jobs. Everyone in Washington usually had a job in politics. Here, people are astrophysicists, hydrologists, professional athletes, etc.

Were you always physically active?

Not until my thirties.

Do you bike to work?

All the time.

What’s your work environment like?

We try to make our patients as comfortable as possible by providing a cozy atmosphere with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’re also at the cutting-edge of technology.

Do you offer any special services for athletes?

The bike room at Boulder Dental Arts!

The bike room at Boulder Dental Arts!

We offer “performance enhancing dentistry.” Since gum disease is a form of infection, an athlete’s body is not at one-hundred percent as long as his or her body must combat it. Thus, an athlete not only leaves my office with cleaner and healthier teeth, but a more industrious body as a whole. Also, athletes, especially triathletes, are constantly sucking down sports gel and other sugar-filled supplements. While this provides them with much needed energy for their strenuous training, it’s terrible for their teeth. Because of this, professional athletes tend to need my services more than most.

Have you ever worked on a famous athlete?

Yes, but because of patient confidentiality I can’t specify whom.

Do you get patients from cycling?

Naturally. Everyone in this town is so friendly that it’s hard to not make connections when you’re out there.

Boulder Dental Arts is located at 4520 Broadway in Boulder, Colorado. Want to make an appointment? Call Dr. Patrician and his staff at 720-627-5773. P.S. Ask the doc to show you his office bike room!

Zach Chandler had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Patrician for this story.