My Bikes Throughout The Years

In my life I’ve had a number of different bikes. Ask most people about their biking preferences they will have some strong opinions. Just like drinking coffee, buying a car, or buying golf clubs, the choice of a bike is very personal. My bikes throughout the years have been a wonderful testimony to my continued love of bike riding.

When I was little I had a cute little bike with a basket in front and the ever-present training wheels that most small children had on their bikes at one point. Then, I had the pink bike with the long banana seat and streamers coming out of the handlebars. The streamers would move rapidly in the wind and I would feel so powerful when I road that bike.

In my early teen years I had a silver road bike. I was around 12 years old and I would marvel at its sleek frame. My friends and I would ride around in circles for hours. Over and over and over again-I’m surprised that I didn’t get sick.

I loved that bike.

Then, I went to college and for some reason I was without a bike for the entire 4 years. I was in upstate New York and it was cold most of the year so I may have been ok with that development. But I have to admit that I missed the freedom that having a bike gave me.

I returned to Colorado and got a series of non-descript bikes, usually free from friends who were moving. I would always think to myself “Why would you give this bike up! It’s amazing!” And then I would continue riding joyfully around town peddling my worries away and enjoying whatever came my way on a day filled with biking. In fact, it became a joke among my friends about my good luck when it came to getting new bikes for free. I started donating the bikes because I’m one person and really didn’t need more than one bike at a time.

My current bike is a black and white cruiser. A friend of mine from another country who was living in Boulder for a while decided to buy a brand new bike: 4 months before returning to her home country! It was a wonderful bike and my friend loved riding that bike. But when the friend decided to return to their home country they knew they couldn’t bring the bike with them. So, instead of selling the bike-they gave it to me! Don’t worry, I did offer several times to purchase the bike but my friend always said “no.”

I love that bike.

It’s currently looking a little neglected due to living outside because my condo is so small. In a couple of weeks I will wipe it down, get the chain oiled, purchase a new tire to replace the flat one, and then continue riding my bike happily this summer. I am already planning which rides I would like to participate in, including the Denver Cruiser Ride that I wondered about being too old for. I decided I wasn’t!


Have you had a similar experience with your bikes? Do you remember your first bike?