New Study Shows Bicycling = $$ for Business

impala-clipart-Money_Dollar_Sign_Money_ClipartWashington Bikes, aka the Bicycle Alliance of Washington recently published a blog about the economic benefits of bicycling for the state of Washington. Can you say $3.1 BILLION? [We suddenly have images of Dr. Evil flashing in our minds.]

It’s statistics like these that should get other states focusing more on the importance of investing in better bicycling infrastructure at both the city levels as well as beyond.

A few highlights from the study, as reported by the Bicycle Alliance, include:

– Bicycle riding is #3 in recreational activities by total expenditures in Washington state with over $3.1 billion spent statewide.

– Bicycle riding comes in as the fourth biggest recreational activity by measuring the total number of participant days occurring in Washington state.

– As compared to many activities where equipment purchases provide the significant economic impact to their activity,  bicycle riders’ trip-related expenditures account for a whopping 96% of the economic impact of bicycling. This means that bicyclists like to contribute to local economies via shopping, lodgings, and eating. It underscores that bicyclists are “wallets on wheels.”

Read the full blog post HERE.