Nonprofit Spotlight: Boulder Food Rescue

BFR logo

Food goes to waste blocks away from where people really need it. In the U.S., we throw away up to 40% of the food we produce. Meanwhile, 1 in 6 of our neighbors don’t have access to healthy and culturally appropriate food. By partnering with Boulder Food Rescue, City of Boulder grocery stores and restaurants have stepped up to help fill gaps in food distribution in our community, keeping edible food out of landfills and instead filling up hungry bellies.

Boulder Food Rescue (BFR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a goal to create a more just and less wasteful food system. BFR’s just-in-time delivery model salvages otherwise wasted food and redistributes it directly to homeless and low-income people. Focusing on healthier but harder to obtain foods such as fruits and vegetables, BFR minimizes its environmental impact, by doing as much of its redistribution as possible by bicycle.

BFR’s league of 150 active volunteers redistributie 1,000 lbs. of healthy food every single day of the week. Since the organization’s inception in 2011, these volunteers have hauled over 1.2 million pounds of food primarily by bicycle! BFR’s “loaner” bike and trailer combinations enable a riders to carry anywhere from 50-700 lbs of food from grocery store to a (usually close-by and hopefully downhill!) designated donation site. After dropping the food, riders are rewarded with a light pedal back to the grocery store.

Volunteer contributions are integral to BFR’s work. For more information about volunteering or donations, contact