Ode to a Flat Tire


I live in a small space. Because of that my beloved bike lives outside. At the end of last biking season I got a flat in my front tire. Typically I would have fixed it right away, but I was going to Australia and would be out of the country for several months so I decided to wait before getting it fixed.

Upon my return seeing my bike’s flat tire made me feel (forgive the pun) a bit deflated. But, the weather was still really cold and I don’t ride my bike below 40 degrees so I still had some time to deal with this problem.

I was also trying to figure out why I ended up with a flat tire every single summer. It drove me crazy. But, I loved the process of getting those flat tires. Of riding through the streets slowly pedaling with a complete lack of intention about where I was going. The point was just to go somewhere, anywhere that let me raise my face up to the sun and feel its warmth.

My flat tire now makes me crazy every time that I walk past it. For 2 reasons the first-is that I’ve postponed taking care of this issue for several months. The other reason is that the weather is still terrible and I’m itching to get on the back of my bike and GO, anywhere-it doesn’t matter. I love riding in the park next to my home, on the Cherry Creek Bike Path, downtown, or taking my bike into Boulder and riding it around that beautiful town.

My flat tire makes me appreciate the role that my bike has in my life. I don’t own a car so my bike is my car. I miss the freedom my bike gives me and now I’m itching to take care of the tire.

It’s moments like these where I find myself a bit frustrated that I don’t know how to change my own tire. How hard could it be?

Thankfully Mother Nature has given me some more time to deal with the issue. We had a fairly massive late spring snowstorm this past weekend and the weather is still a bit…tricky in Colorado. At this time of year it still can snow one moment and then on the other side of 80 degrees the next.

The first Denver Cruisers Ride is coming up next Wednesday and I would like to join in now that I’ve decided I’m not too old to participate. The theme is technicolor. I like the idea of lighting my bike up and riding through the streets with hundreds of other people like living stars on the streets of Denver.

My flat tires make me crazy but they always remind how much I love to ride.

Do you get a flat tire every year?