Pedal the Plains Safety Information

August is coming to a close and hopefully you have already registered for Pedal the Plains ride. There are a number of items that should be on your race preparation list that we have already touched on in earlier blog posts.

We talked about

  • What is the Pedal the Plains ride exactly and why it was started.
  • Training for the ride and different things that need to be considered

Today we’re going to touch on the topic of safety and some information that riders need to be aware of so that they have a safe and enjoyable ride. Fortunately Pedal the Plains website has a page that is specifically dedicated to safety and what participants need to be aware of as they prepare to take part in the event. We will paraphrase some of  the Pedal the Plains safety information that is shared on their website.

Riders Please Note:

  • The Pedal the Plains ride will take part on roads that will also have cars on them.
  • When making maneuvers be sure to signal turns or other changes that you will be making on the road
  • Wear your helmet
  • Do not wear earbuds or earphones while riding

There are several other safety tips on the safety page. Please make sure to spend time reviewing the rules of the road for cyclists. Similar to a car you should also take your bike into the bike shop to make sure that all of the components to your bike are in good working order. Have your tires and breaks checked prior to the race.