Pedal The Plains Training Information

www.bikelifecities.comFor those of you considering to participate in the Pedal the Plains ride this year you will need to begin training soon. Many of you  may already be training regularly for rides or are familiar with the process of preparing for a bike race. For those of you who will be riding for the first time luckily there is information on the Pedal the Plains website that will help guide you through the training process.

And, yes, you still have plenty of time to prepare.

Things covered on the page include: length of time to train, number of days, and how often you should eat. Don’t let the idea of riding a longer distance that you normally would keep you from participating in what will be a life changing experience. Once you participate in one race we’re pretty sure that you may become addicted to the process and want to race some more.  You will find the training process very straightforward and should not feel intimidated by what you’re trying to do.

There is also a page on the Pedal the Plains website that covers nutrition and what you should eat during the race. You have to fuel your body in the right way to have a good ride. You may find that after completing one race that you have to do another (and of course next year’s Pedal the Plains ride).

If you haven’t registered make sure to sign up soon for the Pedal the Plains race and begin training today!