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bike to work, biking, cycling, Quick LeftBikeLife talked to Christa Ghent, Marketing Coordinator of Quick Left, to get the scoop on what they do and how cycling is an integral part of the business.

What does Quick Left do?

Quick Left Inc. is a leading provider of innovative software development services and tools headquartered in Boulder, Colo. Its services team specializes in web development, design, training and mobile applications. The company also operates Sprintly, a development management platform designed to power a more productive relationship between teams and their managers. Together with Sprintly, Quick Left accelerates software product launches with a process defined by accountability, simplicity, scalability and today’s smartest web technologies.

Or simply put, Quick Left builds custom web and mobile application. We turn hard problems into great software.

What’s your business culture like?

We have a “Work hard, play hard” attitude. Many of the employees are avid cyclists, runners, outdoorsmen and women, and adventurers. Values we value? Challenging yourself, your teammates, conventional wisdom. Taking pride, asking for help. Being pragmatic and excellent, but never at the cost of being nice.

Why is cycling important to Quick Left?

Cycling is how we got our name! Our founders would do a regular lunch ride up a popular route cyclists take in Boulder, Lefthand Canyon. It is also an outlet, a social experience, an opportunity for business relationships, competition, and a means of transportation for the team members at Quick Left. By the way, our CEO, Ingrid Alongi takes ‘quick lefts’ on the track as she happens to be a Masters National Champion.

Do you do anything with cycling in the community as a company?

North Boulder Crit—we’ve sponsored the women’s prize money to make it equal.

We also sponsor Wednesday Morning Velo (and participate weekly!)

We hosted a Bikes & Bytes Hackfest to develop an app in 3 hours or less related to cycling.

We’ve built apps for People for Bikes, Stages Cycling, TrainingPeaks and more bike-affiliated companies.

We hosted a Startup Strava Challenge, pitting local tech startups against each other to see who could do the most mileage along with mini challenges this year. Each company kicked in $100 to participate and the winning team got to donate to a charity of their choice.

We’ve sponsored Colorado Women’s Cycling Project two years in a row and collected books for the team for National Ride for Reading Week.

We hosted The New Golf Founders bike ride for Boulder Startup Week bringing together more than 50 CEOs, CTOs, VCs, Angels and tech industry folks together.

biking, cycling, Quick Left, mountain biking

Quick Left Team Mountain Bike Clinic

Do you put forth incentives for your employees to bike to work?

We offer a $400 annual health stipend to be used on anything that our employees want, from bike tubes to gym memberships. We also regularly use public shaming via our Quick Left Strava Club to see who is biking and who isn’t. We’re just a bit competitive.

Do any of your employees race or participate on a personal level in cycling?

Ingrid – Multi Masters National Track Champion and former Junior National Team Member.

Rachel – Co-Founder of Colorado Women’s Cycling Project and road, mountain and cross racer.

Christa – Member of 2012 Exergy TWENTY16 Women’s Professional Team, Multi Time Road and Track Collegiate National Champion podium medalist.

Alex – Breck Epic

Bob – Longest Bike Commute (and also guaranteed to crash at Bike to Work Day).

Jace – Pushed his bike over Pearl Pass (40 miles) in knee-deep snow and survived!

We do Bike to Work Day Videos for every one! Check ‘em out! Also, many of our first clients were encountered on a bike ride. We enjoy partnering with other local companies on bike related networking and business events. Want to partner with us on a bike related event? Let us know! Say hello@quickleft.com.

Learn more about what Quick Left does on their website.