Rejjee Your Ride 2015

Don't let this happen to your bike. Support "Rejjee Your Ride 2015" and help prevent bike theft.

Don’t let this happen to your bike. Support “Rejjee Your Ride 2015” and help prevent bike theft.

In the 1903 Tour de France, Lucien Pothier came in 2 hours and 49 minutes behind first place winner Maurice Garin. In 2014, the margin between first and second had shrunk to just 7 minutes 37 seconds separating Jean-Christophe Peraud in second from Vincenzo Nibali in first. The bicycle industry has always been about innovation to maximize speed. But no matter how advanced a bike may be, the old- fashioned thief can ruin a good time in minutes.

More than two million bikes are stolen each year, with fewer than two percent recovered. Many end up for sale online. We all know the story. Fast-acting bike thieves operating in teams cut or jerk bikes off of racks near office buildings or playgrounds, a partner waits blocks away in a van who soon drives many miles away to either chop up your beloved bike or post it for re-sale online. These heart breakers move fast, but now there is a new innovation that can help riders keep pace or perhaps even take the lead in reducing bike theft.

Rejjee is a combination police report and Facebook. It’s a mobile platform for registering your bike complete with images, description and serial number. If your bike is ever lost or stolen you can report it in real-time right from your phone. That report is posted on a secure crowd-sourced Lost & Found viewable immediately by any neighbor, bike shop or police department nationwide. And to help reduce online resale of stolen bikes, the Rejjee platform lets online shoppers verify an item by serial number before closing a sale.

The two keys to increasing recovery rates is having the information at your finger tips, and having that information available to local law enforcement. First, Rejjee has launched a nationwide campaign called “Rejjee your Ride” to register one million bikes. Sponsored by bike industry advocacy groups from Massachusetts to Florida to Colorado, as well as bike tech innovators, the campaign is offering concierge account set-up to make it fast and easy to register your bike.  The campaign was also launched to raise $20,000 for the development and distribution of software and training materials that will allow any local law enforcement agency to connect directly to the Rejjee platform for faster viewing and tracking of stolen bike reports.

Let’s show the bike thieves they can’t match bike riders for speed. Please visit for more information and to donate today.