Reviewed: Showers Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Socks

Comfy, sturdy, and all-around good at keeping water off.

When you first get your hands on a pair of Showers Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Socks, you will be able to feel it. It’s the feeling of not having any idea how or why that material works, but knowing that that is the material that keeps water out.

On first wear, the socks feel somewhat akin to a wetsuit. The rubbery polyurethane feel that is usually used by surfers. But, the Crosspoints three layer design makes them much more comfortable to wear, pack, and carry.

The inner most layer is made of a Coolmax, polyester, spandex, and nylon blend. In other words, the part of the sock that is actually in contact with your foot is meant to feel like a normal sock (and mostly does).

The second layer is the waterproof, polyurethane membrane that will keep you dry (and feels like a wetsuit).

Finally, the outer layer is a nylon, polyester, spandex blend that will also help to repel water, dry quickly, and feel more like a traditional fabric.

Our tests on the Showers Pass Crosspoint socks ranged from in-home stress testing, all the way down to Parque Pumalín, a national park in Southern Chile’s Patagonia region that is characterized by dense jungle and heavy moisture during the spring months.

Out of the box, I took the socks straight into the tub and stood with them on in cold water for 10 minutes. The socks held up tremendously and did a surprisingly good job at keeping my feet warm considering my situation. Water consistently beaded on the surface of the socks.


We followed up by stuffing them with tissue paper and leaving them in the same tub for half an hour to test for exact waterproofness. The socks held up well and the tissue paper came out somewhat dampened but certainly not wet (which should only bother you if you plan on spending prolonged periods of time standing still in ankle deep water without any shoes on, in which case we would be interested in knowing what you are doing).

As a bicycle sock, the Crosspoints worked well for commuting. They are a perfect solution to having to wear a more traditional shoe cover for riding around town or to work and back in rainy conditions. The outer layer dries quickly and they are discreet enough to be worn around the office without drawing attention (unless of course, you opt for the Hi-Viz color). They are also spacious enough to be worn over another standard cotton sock if the cold is a concern, although when I tried putting them on over a thick wool sock, it felt fairly stuffed.

After our tests at home, the socks went through six rounds of laundering at various temperatures and durations before heading south to Patagonia. Along the muddy trails and through dewy (often wet) brush, the socks held up terrifically. My feet were totally dry, warm, and even survived blister-free after three consecutive days of almost 10 hours of hiking, no small feat.

Showers Pass Crosspoint Socks

Ready to go in wet southern Chile

Really, the largest criticism of the Crosspoints is their lack of a sealed upper edge. Water can seep down from above (and for that reason, you should never tuck your pants into the socks, which was only done above for effect). These socks are great at keeping water out, but they are just as good at keeping it in, so be careful not to allow any in in the first place and you will be happy.

The Wrap

Best Uses: Wet or muddy conditions. Excellent if no shoe cover or waterproof shoe is available. If it’s really pouring on you, you’ll want waterproof pants and likely shoes as well, but for most rainy days, these will do the trick.

Our Grade: 8.5/10

Price: $35

Final Thoughts:  At $35, they are an expensive pair of socks, but if you are in a consistently wet climate, or bound for a rainy excursion, they are well worth it. After all, nothing ruins a great day like cold and wet feet. Take care not to allow any water in through the top, and you will be happy. Really a solid overall sock that will keep your feet dry and warm.