School is Back in Session. Are You Ready to Ride?

This time of year, lots of students from preschool to college age are buying bikes. So most bike shops are hopping right now. An alternative is to buy a bike online, but you just won’t get the same quality of personalized experience that you will at your local bike shop. Recently our niece and nephew stopped by to see Dax at Community Cycles in search of “new” bikes. Within an hour they walked out with a sweet commuter for Ella and a first road bike (more on that another time) for Witt.

Here are a few of their tips for getting commuter ready as the school year approaches:

1) Accessorize-After picking out an awesome used Bianchi Hybrid at Community Cycles, Ella had some spare spending money to accessories her bike with a color coordinated bell, a comfy seat and front and rear riding baskets to hold all of her school gear. This way, she doesn’t have to lug a heavy backpack on her back while commuting to school.

2) Know your route-Ella and Witt’s 11 year-old cousin Joe starts middle school this fall and that means a new route to school. He and his Dad charted Joe’s route ahead of time and rode it a few times together, with Joe in the lead, before the first day of school.

3) Ride with a buddy! Witt, also 11 is attending the same middle school as Ella this year, so they will commute to school together. Having a buddy makes bike commuting more fun and motivating on days when opting for the bus or a car ride is tempting.