Stay Cool, Be Cool

Bike Clothes can be Chill.

You don’t need to buy special or expensive clothing to be comfortable and safe while biking this summer. Reflective clothing will make you more visible, but a good set of lights and bright clothing make you visible, too. And bike-specific clothing isn’t a requirement, either. A trip to Goodwill can cover all your needs with minimal cash.

fun bike fashion

How To Stay Cool and Feel Fresh

  • Sleeveless tops increase ventilation.
  • Loose clothing keeps the air flowing.
  • Lightweight and quick-drying fabric keeps you dry.
  • For restrictive clothing, such as jeans, get stretchy fabric.
  • Don’t like helmet visors? Hats and shades look good and help your vision.
  • No backpack means no back sweat. Strap your bag onto your bike.
  • Stay hydrated.

Major Taylor bike lycra

Lycra-Free Summer Outfit Ideas

  • Summer dresses are classy, fun and surprisingly cool on hot days.
  • Sleeveless and cutoff clothes embrace summer and soak up the sun.
  • Khaki shorts and polo shirts are work-friendly bike clothes if you can’t change at work.
  • Pick shoes that are comfortable and breathe. Secure sandals are safer than flip-flops.
Mayor Ed Murray bike

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray rides too, but his dress code is a little more formal