Technology Can Change Your Ride

There have been so many developments in technology that have had such a positive affect on so many people’s lives. From banking, to health, and fitness digital tools have enabled people to access information to help them access their money faster, track their health, and monitor their fitness.

Bicycling is not immune to these developments. Currently there are a number of apps that have been developed to assist people with certain aspects of their ride. If you go to the App store or Play Store on your phone you can search for different apps that range from-mapping your ride to a bicycle computer that allows a nice interface between the rider and their ride. You can also download apps that give you information on different road or mountain bike trails that you can explore when riding.

While it’s not necessary to use these apps, they can be a lot of fun to use as you ride more over time. In’s post about 7 ways Technology is Transforming Your Bike Commute they also mention changes to the actual bike, road design, gear, and lights as well.

Technology is a great fit with biking because it enables the rider to further customize their riding experience. Riders can also include the use of social media in their riding experience. Riders are able to connect with different bike manufacturers, accessory makers (helmets/gloves/etc.) and other riders. Riders are also able to follow construction projects-such as adding bike lanes, online. A great example of following an exciting construction development in the world of cycling is the bike lane being added along US 36 between Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Ultimately-technology is a great way to grow your love of cycling.