The Anchorage Bicycle Plan Kicks Into Gear

Photo by Joni Wilm

Imagine 508 miles of bike lanes, bikeways and paths for people to pedal around Anchorage. This is the vision for the Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions’ (AMATS) Anchorage Bicycle Plan.

The purpose of the plan is to expand the bicycle infrastructure and the use of bicycles for transportation. The focus is on improving connectivity and safety of the transportation network that meets the needs for access to jobs, schools and services within the AMATS area. The plan identifies 508 miles of an on- and off-street bicycle network that would safely and comfortably connect all parts of Anchorage.

Implementing the Plan

Several projects are slated for summer 2016, including striping of new bike lanes, creating shared road facilities and improving shoulders. The consultant group tasked with design of these new facilities, CRW Engineering (read more about them on page 32), has set up a project website that includes an interactive project map, a design toolbox, helpful links, funding and contact information. Find out which projects will be getting underway by visiting the project website link at

Have comments or suggestions on upcoming bicycle projects? Contact the project team at 907-562-3252 or For more info and updates on the Anchorage Bicycle Plan, head to

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign

AMATS recognizes that making improvements to the existing bicycle infrastructure is not enough. That’s why AMATS is partnering with several local municipal and state agencies to begin a Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign called Travel With Care. This campaign will educate the public on safety issues as well as expand the network of bike friendly organizations and businesses in Anchorage.

Funding for the AMATS Bicycle Plan implementation comes from Federal Highway Administration sources designated for non-motorized transportation projects. The total funding appropriated through 2014 for implementation of the AMATS Bicycle Plan and Pedestrian Plan is $1 million for design and construction throughout the AMATS area. The 2015-18 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) allocates an additional $2.35 million for design and construction of projects in the AMATS Bicycle Plan and Pedestrian Plan. This money will be allocated over the four-year TIP cycle for 2015-2018 in the amounts of $650,000, $1 million, $500,000 and $200,000, respectively. Find more info at