The Art Of Brinking: Accessories to Make you a Better Biker and Drinker

Beer, wine and the hard stuff are all a doozy to drink while riding a bike. Intoxication leads to accidents, which leads to broken and spilt beer bottles…no good. A good brinker (bike-drinker) is hard to come by, which is how it made it to our list of must-need gadgets. But right on, we like to drink and we like to ride bikes. This endeavor is worth the challenge, so how can we be better bikers and drinkers, too? Do accessories exist that allow for a better, safer experience?

Brinking accessories have been pouring out into the market, giving riders the cool gadgets they need to be top-notch brinkers.

That one night riding your fixie down Main Street and you dropped your beloved six-pack of micros…never again will that happen. Need a beer opener, but you are stuck on a bike? It’s under your seat. We even found you a place to sleep if you don’t think you could make it home on two wheels.


Here is our list to make you a better brinker (“Bike-drinker”):

FYXATION Six-Pack Leather Caddy $59.99

Keeping your beers in reach, safe, secure, and wind-chilled for a nice refreshing bike on the town. An all leather caddy that straps to your bike frame and seat post, the six compartments give space for favorite individual beers on those magic brewery tours. leathersixpack_1200px_large

 Road Popper $38.58

This bottle opener is right under your seat. How sweet is that? You’re pedaling and you’re laughing and boom, you need a beer. Oh gosh! How do you open the beer, while in mid ride? Yupp, this is just right under your spandex clad self and it is super easy to pop a top off!625x465_143039_105871_1338413386

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves $84.99 – 99.99

You’re cruising around and it all seems safe until you make the turn. Wear these turn signals, so that cars never have to question what the drunk biker is doing.


Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer with Oversize Tent Cot

Okay, this is pricey, but look at it! That ride is long and the beers were flowing, but you don’t want to get rolling into the night drunk. That’s why we found this. You haul it around, get a few beers here and a few beers there, and you pass right out. Wake up and do it again. This camper cot is the best way to sleep where you say to yourself, “Oh, I shouldn’t be pedaling this beast anymore.


Tile $25.00

Don’t be the brinker who loses their bike. Slap a Tile on it and have a GPS signal that uses a sound when you draw closer.