The BBQ Backpack

Cook dinner anywhere, anytime

This all-in-one portable charcoal barbecue grill and accessories kit zips up into a backpack for easy carrying! Now you can have a fun summer picnic with fresh-grilled meats or veggies anytime, anyplace.

Getting to your destination with a grill and a bike is impossible, and while a portable grill is indeed portable, grilling is about so much more than the grill, especially when it’s a charcoal grill. The tools, the fluid, the lighter and the charcoal. It makes relaxing at the park or beach with a grill into a schlep.

By putting your grill and all of it’s accessories and charcoal on your back, you free your hands for more important or delicate things like your groceries, your significant other, or riding your bike to get to your favorite grilling place! Order at