The World’s Smartest Bike

Tracking, security and feedback—all in one

Vanhawks’ Valour is a smart bike that tracks things like distance, speed, and calories burned. It offers turn-by-turn navigation based on elevation gain and real-time traffic data, and the handlebars vibrate to warn you when a car’s in your blind spot. Plus, riding it for an hour can fully charge your phone. Its successful Kickstarter campaign has already raised more than twice its $100,000 goal, and it isn’t even over yet.


Some key features for this Kickstarter bike include:

  • Blind spot detection system. Your handlebars will vibrate if you try to turn when cars are nearby. The “bubble” for this tech is 10 feet front and back and 4 feet side to side.
  • Turn-by-turn directions: When you set your ride route on their app, the Valour bike gives your turn by turn indicators with LED lights on the handlebar signaling when you need to turn. This is all facilitated by low energy bluetooth from your phone to the bike.
  • Data-driven route suggestions: based upon previous rides other people have taken allow for the app to give you the safest route possible. The Valour even collects data around road conditions including potholes and lane closures.
  • Ergonomics: this bike is an absolute work of art with clean lines on the carbon fiber frame, but the ergonomics from great componentry from Ergon (a german bike accessory company) includes their grips, pedals and saddle. This all contributes to a much more enjoyable and comfortable ride.
  • The Frame: Vanhawks has developed their frame to be a completely new take on carbon fiber construction. Inside the frame uses their proprietary unibody constructions giving the bike incredible structural integrity and lowering the cost and weight of the bike. The bike is a mere 16 pounds and it’s damn sexy!
  • Stolen bike recovery: if your Valour is stolen, you select that option within the app and if another Valour rider comes close to your stolen bike, a notification is sent.