Tucson Ramps Up Bike Parking Options

Bicycle Valet Service and Free Bike Racks for Businesses Incentivize More Bike Parking

The city of Tucson is working hard to incentivize more people to ride their bikes by incentivizing additional bike parking. As cities grow, and density becomes more and more of an issue, reallocating car parking for bike parking is appealing. It is estimated that 12 bikes can fit in a standard car parking space.

So, the city of Tucson is hot on the trail to create more space for bikes. Here’s what they’re doing:

For events that may pack the house, but are limited by parking, the Living Streets Alliance (LSA) can provide a bicycle valet service. LSA offers fully-staffed, secure, hassle-free, exhaust-free bike parking at events.

LSA provides half-day or full-day service with professional bike valets who take care of all the details including securing the bike valet area, providing ample signage for patrons, and intake and monitoring of your participants’ bikes. In addition, LSA will advertise your event via a press release and post about the bike valet service at your event on all of their social media platforms.

If a full bike valet is more than your event needs, LSA can instead provide portable bike racks for a small delivery fee. You can either provide valet staff yourself, or simply use the racks in a visible area to prevent theft.

Booking LSA bike valets for the fall has already begun, so to inquire about rates and to schedule a bicycle valet for your next event email LSA today.

LSA Bike Parking

A flyer from the LSA detailing their bike valet options and pricing


If you or someone you know owns a business, and wants to attract more customers, or simply relieve parking shortages, the City of Tucson wants to help. Tucson’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program is offering free bike racks to businesses for public use.

The racks help alleviate parking problems and will help to attract more customers into businesses. To find out more or apply for free bike racks, contact Andy Bemis in the Department of Transportation.