Underpass Art Tour

Most of us zoom right through them. But some of Boulder’s underpasses are also mini art galleries. Next time you pass through one, slow down and take a closer look. You may be surprised by what you see. Here are a few to check out.


1. Broadway at Euclid
Melissa Gordon’s design, under Broadway between Euclid and CU, explores what the earth would look like if you cut it in half. Intricate stonework mimics rock stratification and roots.


broadway_euclid2. Arapahoe at Foothills Parkway
Jessica Saunther recreates here the underground world of prairie dogs, the endangered black-footed ferret, various birds and the blacktailed prairie dog.


final-art3. 28th Street at College Avenue
The walls above the entry in this 1960’s vintage underpass feature a tile mosaic of swirling eddies above the entry.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Bear Creek at Broadway
Lin Takeuchi cartoons of frogs and children are sandblasted into the walls of the underpass between Table Mesa Drive and Martin Park.


skunk_broadway5. Skunk Creek at Broadway
The design by Kristine Smock in the tunnel under Broadway, just south of Baseline, features children’s poems, paintings and decorative railings that depict animals that live in Boulder. Be sure to pump the tail on the whimsical steel skunk sculpture and watch the water spray.