Warm or Hot, We Still Need The Same Hydration

zebras-606867_640Whether riding for fun or for fitness, with the warm weather upon us nationwide, the next several months have impact on both. The weather can be tricky at this time of year and the trickiest part comes by way of hydration. How do we hydrate on a warm day compared to a hot day — is there a difference? No, not when it comes to keeping yourself up on liquids.

Some naturally think that if you aren’t sweating as much, you don’t need to intake as much water. Or maybe, on a warm day, you wouldn’t have to intake as much water as a scorching afternoon, but the danger is in that very misconception. For proper hydration, we need to be consistent for our body to function at it’s finest.

Don’t base your water consumption on activity, make water consumption a routine.

A warm day compared to a hot day, by definition, is different. And they both have different affects on how we approach our water consumption, and more, how our body is asking for water and letting us know when we need water. Where they meet and become similar: both warm and hot days need equal water consumption.

What it comes down to is on a warm day your body doesn’t ask for water, like it does on a hot day. Knowing that, we must stay as conscious on a warm day, as we are on a very hot day. The only difference between the two is that on a hot day, your body is saying, “I am sweating, I need water.” That’s compared to a warm day, where your body may only be saying, “I could use some water, but if you don’t want to drink some, I’ll be fine.” Just because your body isn’t begging, doesn’t mean it’s not thirsty.

However your body is talking to you, you always need water.

Here are three super easy tips to staying better hydrated:

  1. Avoid heavy consumptions of sports drinks, coffee, and sodas. They dehydrate you more.
  2. Having a few water bottles around is always great, easy access to water makes it less of a chore to stay hydrated.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables, they are packed with water that helps hydrate.